2025 Feng Shui Calendar – SOFTCOVER RING

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A5 size softcover calendar with metal ring for the year of 2025. The calendar has a plastic transparant in front and back to protect the soft covers. With this wired softcover version of the calendar we offer you the same valuable content for 2025 for a more affordable price. And you can easily put it wide open on your desk to see all necessary daily information and write down your personal and business meetings.

Enjoy the calendar!

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This calendar contains:

For each month:
  • Qi Men Dun Jia Deity, Stem, Star and Door per sector
  • Yearly and monthly Flying Stars combined chart
  • First and second chi-change, including namings of 24 chi andtimings in Hong Kong Time and CET/CEST
  • Sun, Moon, Dragon Virtue and Fortune Virtue days
  • Year and Month Breaker days
  • Water Sat, Compass Sat and Fire Sat days
  • 4 Hopeless/Extinct and 4 Seperating days
  • 3 Killing days (Robbery sha, Calamity sha, Annual sha days)
  • No Wealth days
  • Discard days
  • Heavenly Pardon days
  • Moon-phase (full, half etc.)
  • Special dates, general holidays
And for each day:
  • Stem and branch (Kua)
  • Missing numbers
  • Lap Yam element / Na Yin element
  • Lo Shu number (Chue Style & JY Style)
  • Tung Kung / 12 Day Officer
  • Hexagram number and name
  • 28 constellation
  • Dong Gong Rating
  • Non-renovation sectors (Five Yellow, Tai Soi, Sui Po, 3 Killings)
  • Explanation of 12 Day Officers and which activities you should and should not do on these days.
  • Explanation of 28 constellations and which activities you should and should not do on these days.
  • Explanation of all the specials days and how to use them.
  • Compact Date-Selection overview to have all the necessary date selection information of 6 months at a glance: containing Tung Kung (12 Day Officers), Kua, missing numbers, Lap Yam / Na Yin elements and stem/branch of the day.
  • Date-Selection hour table with Kua, stem/branch, Kinships, missing numbers, Lap Yam  / Na Yin elements of the hour
  • 2-page year planner for 2025 and 2026 to quickly oversee the year and mark the most important meetings
  • Blank pages for your personal notes
  • Also available as hardcover book.
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