BaZi – Chinese Astrology Consultation

Bazi (also known as Four Pillar Astrology) is an ancient Chinese method used for analysing your life potential, possibilities and pitfalls, based on your date and time of birth and understanding and help determine your path in life.

Personality and life analysis

Your Destiny chart or Bazi chart helps you get to know your potential in the fields of finance, relationships, work and health. You learn to better understand yourself by knowing your strengths, weaknesses, character, talents and essence and understanding (the relationship with) others. This is important for creating success and joy in your personal and private life.

Furthermore a Bazi reading can guide your decisions and actions at important moments in your life. Which periods in your life are favourable to you in this regard and which are more unfavourable? And – more importantly – what actions can you take to respond to this?

” Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

What a Destiny reading can help you with

With almost any question you have about your life and every decision you need to make, you can consult your Destiny chart for advice. It gives you direction, support and peace.

Possible questions that your Destiny chart can answer are:
– What is my life purpose?
– What are my (hidden) talents and qualities and how can I best use them?   
– I am facing an important choice/decision in my life, which direction is the best option and when is the best time to do it?  
–  I like so many things and can do a little bit of everything, what can I focus on best, to be happy and successful?    
– Which activities help me to feed my energy and which ones should I not do?
– In which environment do I thrive best?
– In which period of my life do I have the most opportunities?
– What health challenges can I expect and how can I arm myself against them?
– Why are there miscommunication between me and my children/partner/colleagues?
– When are there financial opportunities for me and how can I best capitalize on them?
– Any other question you have

Book your Destiny reading now

If you have a specific question at this point in life or you would like to have some more insights in your strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities that can come to you in life, book your Destiny reading with us.
When booking your Destiny reading you will receive:
– A personal profile analysis and an answer to your specific question
– A short written report
– A Zoom call in which we discuss our advice with you.
– A recording of this Zoom conversation so you can listen to it again.

A Destiny reading can give you peace of mind, focus and clarity about what suits you best at the moment and the best next step to take now.

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