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Beautifully designed Feng Shui Calendar/Diary for the Yin Wood Snake year of 2025. Within the context of a colourful and joyful design of beautifull images this 220-paged A5 calendar contains all the technical information you need to find the energy of the day for your Date Selections, Feng Shui consultations or BaZi charts. And it’s also the perfect tool for planning your own work- and private meetings on your personal best days. The calendar is available as a hardcover book (€61,95) or softcover ring (€56,95) and can be bought in a bundle together with the transparent tracing compass for 2025 at a special bundle price.  Pre-order your calendar before the 18th of August and your calendar will be shipped by end of October. There will be no more order possibiilty after 15th of August, so don’t miss it.

Find our digital HEALTH tracing compass here.

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Impressions of the 2025 Calendar

Take a peek inside the new calendar:


” I just received the calendar! I love it! It looks so nice and has so much useful information! Thank you! “


” The calendar is splendid! Love it! “


” Just received the calendar. Thank you! It is very beautiful and practical. “


” I have received the calendars today. Thank you. They are lovely! “


” Thank you for the calendars! They are amazing! “


” The calendar has arrived and I’m thrilled! What a tremendous job you have done – and at the same time – how beautiful it is! It lightens up my working day, compared to those ordinary black/white time schedules I have used up to now! “

This calendar contains:

For the whole year:
  • Non-renovation sectors (Five Yellow, Tai Soi, Sui Po, 3 Killings)
  • Dung Gee, Chun Fun, Ha Gee and Chow Fun days
  • Lap Chun, Lap Ha, Lap Chow and Lap Dung days
  • Year Breaker days
  • Water Sat, Compass Sat and Fire Sat days
  • 4 Hopeless/Extinct and 4 Seperating days
  • No Wealth days
  • Discard days
  • Sun, Moon, Dragon Virtue and Fortune Virtue days
  • Heavenly Pardon days
For each month:
  • Qi Men Dun Jia Deity, Stem, Star and Door per sector
  • Yearly and monthly Flying Stars combined chart
  • 3 Killing days (Robbery sha, Calamity sha, Annual sha days)
  • First and second chi-change, including namings of 24 chi andtimings in Hong Kong Time and CET/CEST
  • Month Breaker days
  • Moon-phase (full, half etc.)
  • Special dates, general holidays
For each day:
  • Stem and branch (Kua)
  • Missing numbers
  • Lap Yam element / Na Yin element
  • Lo Shu number (Chue Style & JY Style)
  • Tung Kung / 12 Day Officer
  • Hexagram number and name
  • 28 constellation
  • Dong Gong Rating
  • Explanation of 12 Day Officers and which activities you should and should not do on these days.
  • Explanation of 28 constellations and which activities you should and should not do on these days.
  • Explanation of all the specials days and how to use them.
  • Compact Date-Selection overview to have all the necessary date selection information of 3 months at a glance: containing Tung Kung (12 Day Officers), Kua, missing numbers, Lap Yam / Na Yin elements and stem/branch of the day.
  • Date-Selection hour table with Kua, stem/branch, Kinships, missing numbers, Lap Yam  / Na Yin elements of the hour
  • 2-page year planner for 2025 and 2026 to quickly oversee the year and mark the most important meetings
  • Blank pages for your personal notes
  • Available as hardcover book with reading ribbon and softcover ring.

How the Feng Shui Calendar was born...

The idea for our Feng Shui calendar was born a few years ago. For a long time  we’d both been looking for a suitable paper calendar that was both practical and beautiful, with all the necessary energetic information for our consultations. So, from our own needs, the idea came to develop a calendar that owns and unites all of this. In the summer of 2018, with a lot of enthusiasm, we started developing the structure for the calendar. Time and again we were faced with new questions and challenges in order to meet all requirements, both in terms of content and design. 

Finally, in October 2018, our first calendar (2019) was born!  And now we have allready created our 5th calendar! (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)

At this point, we would like to thank everybody who bought our calendar. You were a big part of making it even possible to produce this calendar cost-effectively! And because of all of your positive feedback, the calendar for 2022 is here again! So from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you for supporting us!5


Vera Apel has been working as an architect and Imperial Feng Shui Practitioner since 2007. She is passionate about the old Chinese knowledge since the first moment she learned about it and today uses it in her projects to connect people with spaces.
She combines Classical Feng Shui knowledge with modern architecture to create beautiful living- and working- spaces. Together with her partners, she created a 200 m2 exhibition space in Bremen, completely in Feng Shui Style.
With her living room concepts. Vera would like to create a foundation for a healthy and wealthy life for her clients.
Since life is continuously changing, she will never stop learning and working with Feng Shui. Trained in Chue Style Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology (BaZi), she gives private and business consultations.

vera apel feng shui calendar


Yolanda van Zuijlen is Dreambuilder coach and certified practitioner of Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. .For the last 17 years, she has helped lots of people in creating a healthy and happy home and work environment. Yolanda uses the old Feng Shui and BaZi knowledge, her creativity, life-experience and her intuition as her most important tools to support her clients in achieving their lifegoals and living their fullest potential: a life full of joy, health and flow.Her main focus is creating optimal health circumstances for herself and her clients. Since health has been her own life challenge, she knows and strongly believes that health is the biggest wealth and the foundation for everything else.
She is trained in Chue Style classical Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology (BaZi) and gives private and business consultations and workshops to share her knowledge, which is what she loves doing most.

The first Feng Shui calendar with all necessary energetic information for every day life ánd a colourful design. Perfect for private and business use.

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