Date Selection

Doing the right activity at the right time in the right place.

Everything is subject to the constant change of time, nothing remains as it is. Changes shape our lives. Some changes we welcome, others we would rather avoid. Often it is the timing that counts. It can help us to cope better with new circumstances, to accept and welcome them or to say goodbye to them in our lives.

In Chinese Metaphysics, the component of time has always played an important role. Over 5000 years ago the Chinese emperors already used Date Selection to find the right timing to start their battles and nowadays it’s often used to determine the start of important business or private activities even by big companies.

Calculating the right time for the right activity means aligning your personal chi (BaZi chart) to the heaven chi in order to get the best energetic support in the activities you want to do and get the best results.

Date Selection in current times

Date Selection nowadays can be used for private, business or house related purposes:

Private activities:
– health: surgery, doctors appointment, dental appointments etc.
– relationships: marriage, divorce, first dates etc.
– legal: court meetings, signing contracts etc.
– spring cleaning

Business activities:
– business openings
– signing contracts
– negotiations
– debt collection
– partnerships start or termination

House related activities:
– start construction or demolition
– house buying or selling
– moving in or out
– (water) activation
– open house

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