Worldtour of our calendars of 2020 and 2021

Here’s an impression of how our calendars of 2020 and 2021 travelling around the world!

The journey starts.
Vera – Bremen, 08.11.2019

Ancient Gent.
Yolanda – Belgium, 24.11.2019

Haute Cuisine french fries, Gent.
Yolanda – Belgium, 24.11.2019

Buj Kaliffah Tower, Dubai. Nov. 2019

Waterfall Jumper in the Mall of Dubai. Nov. 2019

Cathedral of Münster, 12.12.2019

Hanging out in Canadian winter!
Gee – Jan. 2020

Calendar 2021 is starting his new Worldtour.
Vera – Bremen, Oct. 2020

Canadien Forest, Cochrane.
Gee – Jan. 2020

The very nice calendar just arrived in Paris!
Colette – Paris, Oct. 2020

Experienceing in the wilderness chi with Canandien Polar bears. Gee – Jan. 2020

Compliments! Each year is more precious. Calendar among the beauties of the historic center of Palermo. Anna-Franca, Palermo Okt. 2020

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