Date Selection consultation

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Doing the right thing at the right time in the right place.

Calculating the right time for the right activity means aligning your personal chi (BaZi chart) to the heaven chi in order to get the best energetic support in the activities you want to do and get the best results.

Date selection can be used for private, business or hous related purposes:

Private activities:
– health: surgery, doctors appointment, dental appointments etc.
– relationships: marriage, divorce, first dates etc.
– legal: court meetings, signing contracts etc.
– spring cleaning

Business activities:
– business openings
– signing contracts
– negotiations
– debt collection
– partnerships start or termination
– etc.

House related activities:
– start construction or demolition
– house buying or selling
– moving in or out
– (water) activation
– open house

After booking the Date Selection consultation with us we will get in touch with you to collect your date(s) of birth and activity so we can start the Date Selection.


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