2022 Feng Shui Wall Calendar

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A3/A4 sized wall calendar for a quick and easy overview of all important energetic information per day at a glance.

Each day contains information on: Hexagram, Lo Shu, Stem and branch of the day, month and year, missing numbers, Lap yam/Na Yin element, 12 Day Officer, 28 Constellation, Dong Gong rating, Chi changes, 3 Killing days, Fortune Virtue days, Dragon Virtue days, Sun days, Moon days, Water Sat days, Compass Sat days, No Wealth days, Month Breaker days, Year Breaker days, Heavenly Pardon days, 4 Hopeless days, 4 Seperating days, Discard days and general holidays.

Each month contains an overview of the Qi Men Dun Jia Deity, Stem, Star and Door per sector and the yearly/monthly flying star per sector.

A3 when it’s open on the wall and you see the pictures.
A4 size if closed and you only see the days with dateselection information.


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